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Name: Kanti Rivers
Arena Name: Symphony.
Age: 19
Gender: Female
History: Kanti was born on a spring day in the wilderness. Her parents, Misae and Slivester Rivers, were on a long camping trip, to get away from the city that they normally lived in. The two lived in a small brown house in Veilstone. In Veilstone. a lot of crime took place. It was not a friendly community. Now, they were traveling back to the ancient home of their ancestors. They were part of an old tribe called The Winter Storm. They lived far up north. The

Two or three paragraphes here, anything ground breaking in their lives, maybe some family information, hometown, Pokemon journey until the kidnapping, etc.
Personality: A paragraph or two here, include mannerisms, character traits, how they go about regular social conduct, etc.
Appearance:A paragraph for this segment, just cover all the basics, skin and hair color, height, build, clothing etc.
Pokemon: Have 5-6 powerful Pokemon, with 4 moves and a sentence or two explaining their individual personalities included. I want type diversity and reasonable moves. Try to think of moves that could link together well, like Swords Dance and Slash. This roleplay is relient on the Pokemon having feelings and emotions as well as being for battle. Remember, after losing two battles, your character will lose a Pokemon, make they ones you start with count!
Hobbies: Just a point form list of what your character enjoys.
Forum Activity: This is just saying how often you're on PC.
Theme Song:This is just for fun, if your character had a theme song, what would it be? (This doesnt have to be Pokemon related in any sense)

Can I reserve a spot? Thank you..
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