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Originally Posted by >Dante< View Post
hey man!
this is a very good tool!!
I have a suggestion that, in my opinion, could be util for you..
it's about the possibility to import the library of OW..
I think that you should add the function of import of the whole set with a only command..
otherwise if the user wanted to insert an alone OW at time, it will use the command "import frame"..
Sure, I'll try adding an import all function, but right now I'm kinda busy researching the "unknown" bytes and their references to size and animation,
but I'll make the function a priority for the next update.

-------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Release version: 1.0 is done!

- I've fixed the re-size function, as well as several other small errors...
- I've also embedded the correct unknown bytes into NSE
- The unknown bytes are completely dynamic, they change with the ROM header/inherit value.
- Import library now has a save all function.

Get it now:

feel free to post comments


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