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Originally Posted by JPAN View Post
Actually, the only reason I didn't implement a berry growth system yet is because of three simple things.
First, I have no way to display the berry trees in their growth stage. Berry trees aren't typical sprites, so there is no way to simply copy them and paste them on a new OW table. And I have near zero graphical skills, so creating berry trees from scratch would be nigh impossible.
I completely understand the contest thing. I just thought that if it was possible to do it without turning someone into a mindless hacking zombie in the process, you would know how! :P

About the graphical berry problem. I'm not exactly sure what you're saying there. Do you mean that their is literally no way to make a reasonably plausible sprite transition between the berry growth stages in Firered? That you wouldn't be able to link each berry to its respective tree sprite? You can't think of a way to show the intermediary sprite stages in berry growth but can only figure a way to show one or two? You can't find the different growth stage sprites so you can insert them? Please elaborate a bit, maybe we'd be able to work something out! Even a cheap workaround, or a skeleton that could be expanded upon later would be better than nothing imo.

EDIT: Oh, and another Hoenn related suggestion that I forgot. Emerald made several additions to ability and berry functionality, namely Flame Body and Magma Armor reducing the time it takes for a Pokemon to hatch, the EV reduction berries, and several other abilities receiving overworld effects. I was wondering if this too could be ported to your engine. When it comes to this, I have no idea how much work would be involved, but if you think it could be done, I'd be happy to grab a list of the changes and additions made in Emerald for you.
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