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Originally Posted by JPAN View Post
First of all, thanks for the sprites. After I insert them, I should be able to complete a rudimentar berry system. It will take a while, though.
As for the egg hatch command, check special 0xc1(no animation hatch) and 0xc2 (normal hatch routine). And yes, an egg is a normal pokemon, only one that has the egg flag set in the miscelaneous data. As such, any of the pokemon editing specials will affect eggs (and, suprisingly enough, even healt and pp related ones, leading to stuff like fainted eggs that can't be healed)
Thanks for clearing up the egg crap for me. I thought as much.

Oh, and when you do have your epicly-awesome berry system down, make sure to make a detailed how-to in the next manual. I ended up not fully comprehending everything you said regarding how it would be implemented and carried out in game, and I'd hate to have to plague you with questions when the next version comes out. :P And take your time! Slow and steady wins the... hack?

<Insert generic your awesome keep up the good work comment here.>
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