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So! Yeah, I posted quite a while back (Feb 08). Back then I only had my shiny Gallade (Gladius) and my shinky Kricketune. In the mean time I've continued on the shiny hunt and am happy to report that I've definitely gotten quite a few more.

My dreams of an all shiny team are pretty much realized, but as they've all been found by random encounter it's not an A-Team at all, in fact it's at least a third NU.

I got a shiny Bidoof called LordDoofus, who I actually like a lot. I had chained really high on Bidoofs but never managed a chained shiny, he was just a random encounter as I EV trained.

On my FireRed I lucked into a shiny Onix, which was promptly imported to my Pearl cart and traded into a Steelix on my Platinum cart.

A friend also traded me a shiny Charmander, so my dreams of a Black Charizard came true, but I'm still hoping for a hatched one so I can nickname it. Luckily the one I was traded was Adamant so it's still team viable.

And my most recent acquisition was again encountered EV training, and with all the Gyarados and Seaking I battle I was bound to get one or the other... so of course I got Seaking. Awesome.
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