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Originally Posted by psychicboy View Post
Alright JPAN or anyone else who can help me. Could you give me a detailed example of how the set healing place works? I looked at the manual and tried it out as a script and it simply would not work.. I'm just so confused.
Sethealingplace, I had trouble with it too.
#org @start
sethealingplace 0x0 **Regular Pokemon Center Healing Place**
setvar 0x405A 0x50C **Map bank and Map Number in this format and in hex: 0x(mapnumber)(bank). The command I have in here is for bank 12 map 5.**
setvar 0x405B 0x7 **X-Coordinate in Hex**
setvar 0x405C 0x4 **Y-Coordinate in Hex**
Don't forget to include this too in a separate level script, or it will crash.
#org @start
special 0x182
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