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Originally Posted by psychicboy View Post
So do I use this as a script someone walks on?
Levelscript. If you don't know what it is or how it works either take a look at a scripting tutorial or peek into the Pokemon Center of a clean ROM, this really isn't the place for generic unrelated scripting questions.

JPAN, I'm here again with another quick suggestion/question. Would there be a way to display images larger than 64x64 using a function similar to the "show fossil picture" command you fixed up? I know there would be the actual tileset of the image and RAWs involved due to the size, but could it be done? A function such as that would serve soo many purposes. From RPG-like cutscenes, to posters, to mini-game "titlescreens" and backdrops. You could probably even use it as a cheap extra image like those found when entering Mt. Moon and Viridian Forest, or a fun way to give signposts in towns a little extra "oomph".
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