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Rom Base is Emerald.

Much the same way as during GSC and HGSS where Kanto has changed, I was thinking of doing a continuation in Hoenn from Emerald, set twenty-five years into the future.

The player appears as Brendan and May's son/daughter and your friends are (reformed) Maxie and Archie's children. (So two rivals this time)

A cult takes the place of the evil teams, the cult of the regi’s, there being three factions, of ice, rock and steel, each faction worshipping their respective regi’s and looking to resurrect them, to summon the giant regigigas to destroy Hoenn. When Regigigas gets to Hoenn, it will sink it.

The cult want the ultimate destruction of Hoenn to build their own, new region with the regi’s as their tools.

At the moment, Regigigas lays slumbering in Snowpoint Temple but soon the cult awaken the monolith and it begins its journey to Hoenn.

You have nine days in which to defeat the cult and stop Regigigas from sinking Hoenn. There will not be a day/night system rather the days are the nine trials you have to complete before you can face
Regigigas and stop it.

The first three trials include:

Defeating (name alluding to rock) with Regirock

The second three trials include:

Defeating (name alluding to ice) with Regice

The third three trials include:

Defeating (name alluding to steel) with Registeel

The tenth trial is the final battle on the fringe of Hoenn where the player faces Regigigas and stops it from sinking Hoenn.

Along the way you pick up your birth right, the green orb and capture your ‘guardian’ pokemon Rayquaza.

Your rival/friends also get theirs, Kyogre and Groudon.

After the fight, with Regigigas, things don’t die down, with the chaos over the looming Regigigas, slowly dispersing Archie and Maxie team up with their children and try to resurrect their plans from emerald.

Suffice to say, you must stop them, for good.

What do you think?

Also, being years later, the maps are not completely the same, Hoenn has changed a lot since we last visited it. From desert ghost towns to sunken underwater cities, surprises lie around every corner.