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>> TO ALL: First post updated! Now includes Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald too :D

Quote originally posted by liuyanghejerry:
This is very interesting.
But this inspire me that why don't we try to reuse select,R,L?
In FR,RL goes to a helpless help and in RSE, it's totally no use...
Maybe we could create codes like what B and select does,and make R,L new use in OW.
Maybe press R to fish?
Well, not really. You can use L/R to scroll in the bag or in the Pokémon stat screens. Even on R/S/E. But yeah, those buttons are not used a lot I guess. Anyway, this is kinda offtopic here, sorry.

Quote originally posted by ZodiacDaGreat:
For people interested in having the Running Shoes hack on Ruby, you're in for some good news ^^ I've come up with my own hack for Ruby since I don't think the same way works, AFAIK.
You know, I was going to post the R/S/E stuff later, but thanks nonetheless.

Quote originally posted by H2O Turquoise:
Awesome, just did this in Turquoise! Thanks, HackMew!
You're welcome. Even if I didn't say explicitly, a tiny bit of credit is always appreciated.
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