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Originally Posted by rockeymon View Post
Um looking through this I would like to ask you to do me a favor Frangeking if you havent already read Pokemon adventures Gold/silver/red arc then read them (start with red) red doesnt have alot to do with Kamon but basicly you are making a backstory that is effectivly already writen.
Kamon/silver is Blues sister(dont know japanese name) They where kidnapped by Ho-oh(I beleive from what I have read), and the events that occur occur because he is on a adventure to figure out what happened, now if you are writing this for previouse all this I understand but if you arent you are writing a story that is already writen.
Acanthite isn't being based on the manga, so there is no reason for Fangking to really conform to their story...

And I'm glad to see a new update for Acanthite, Fangking, I missed the project's presence in the community...

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