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Originally Posted by Chibi Robo View Post

There is actually more of a design on the belly of gralite. Though you can't see it because of how I positioned it. I probably wont redo it either
(unless harry makes me do another form of gralite ._.' )
Even if there is a whole civilization's history sculpted on his belly you still can't make me think it's a legendary. I would believe it more if it was a new water-type fakemon, but a legendary? it just has no feel to me.
it has immense power, enough to bring an end to the world as we know it. For centuries this beast has been chained down in the place that is called "The Haven"
Now, why doesn't it fit the appearance either...when you typed those words, I was thinking of a beast

No offense, Max. It's the concept I'm not okay with, not the sprite/concept art. Then again, it might be just me.

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