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Ok so here is some of Fuzzy's photas some is old

Newest phota Me and tha G/F from cbeera phone i was asleep. shes mean

Phota of just Fuzzy's G/F, wearng mah pants XD

Phota of Fuzzy himself. OLD phota. Yes those is Gir pillow covers...and no you cant have tham. Lets all sng tha Doom song :D

Phota of Fuzzys custam Zx2. All work done by Fuzzy except tha pant job. Old phota befoe ben put back tagithar. Current status: N starage waitng ta be bagged

Phota of Fuzzy's New tay. 91 GMC S-15 Bagged mni. I traded a beater fo dis truck becuz it deserves mah skills and a good home. Current status: Waitng till warm weathar ta start mah work

Dont Freed Tha Fuzzy.FC: Fuzzy - 2278 8310 5460