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Originally Posted by Ramen! View Post


So basically, I've been trying my tablet more and more, and I have here my last two drawings I have done, of Chris Ingle aka nevershoutnever!, and Oli Sykes, lead singer [screamer] for Bring my the Horizon, no I don't like the band xD

It would mean a lot to me if any of you guys who have a deviantART could comment on the site aswell as on here, since nobody seems to be ;o;
Add me on dA if you want too xD
Methinks its time for a proper rate, since I can actually rate these types of things, so, rated in their respectful order

Okay...I'm not really sure what style you're going for here, so disregard if they go against it >.< Right now, the style seems to be more simplistic, rather than full out realism (which totally isn't a bad thing, just something I'm pointing out.) So:

- The tattoos need some work, right now, they're Using more unified strokes with the tablet pen might help
- The hair's pretty decent, maybe a few darker lines would add some depth to it, but taper them, and don't go overboard, and the outlines of the hair is kinda blocky and rough, but I attribute that to the fact that you're still getting used to the tablet
- Some darkening where the fabric folds (again, it doesn't need to be too pronounced)

Overall, though, I'd say its pretty good, and I think the face especially is kind of neat, its probably a risky expression, but you pulled it off well imo =]

Okay, the biggest problem I have with this (like, the one that catches my eye first) is the aforementioned index finger, which Drizzle pointed out. From the perspective you've drawn him at, that index finger and his middle finger should make about a 20-25 degree angle. Here they make like a 65 degree angle, which looks kind of odd. The rest of the hand is fine though.

The second biggest problem is the hair. To me, it looks almost like fur (O.o), which is kind of weird (unless it really is fur, or if he has a really shaggy cut. In that case its totally cool.) So try to use smoother lines, especially in the hair. Other than that, its basically old stuff, fabric folds, attention to detail, stuff like that. Although I have to say that this one is honestly pretty good, aside from a couple of issues.

...So keep drawing, I wanna see more of your work =]

Eep, so much typing! *dies*
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