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I am very busy right now and I will get to all of you as soon as i can and make a waiting list on my main post. If you said something like i want a mystery mew for a Bla Bla whatever and i dont respond looking on the waiting list and if you are there i accepted the trade and will contact you when i am on to see if you are on so we can trade.

Quote originally posted by Hayley Williams:
It'd help if you posted the exact EVs of your EV'd Pokemon. Just saying EV'd in Attack and HP is not acceptable for a lot of people.

Anyway, what are the natures of your Shiny Budew and Gastly?

I threw all this together in 15 minutes because I have not been on this website in almost 8 months. If you check my link i origionally listed everything you could possible want to know about the pokemon i have to offer but i am remaking it here.


My Shinys, Ev'd/Iv'd, Event Pokemon Thread!

Let Pokemon reign!
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