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I am interested in the following :
mind giving me there Moves and levels
Also do you do if you evolve Shiny Nincada if and get a Shedinja will it be Shiny as well?

╬Ekans╬ <Jolly>
╬Growlithe╬ <Bashful>
╬Growlithe╬ <Adament>
╬Farfetch’D╬ <Careful>
╬Eevee╬ ♀ <Timid>
╬Eevee╬ ♀ <Careful>
╬Eevee╬ ♀ <Modest>
╬Eevee╬ ♂ <Calm>
╬Dratini╬ <Adament>
Umbreon <Bashful>
╬Miltank╬ <Mild>

╬Nincada╬ <Jolly>
╬Zangoose╬ <Adament>

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