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Well, if you want it so bad, make one yourself. Not everything has been discovered about FR/LG, or R/S/E yet, and seeing as that is what all the people who actually make tools are still working on, it would be nice, as it is your hacking generation that will have D/P/Pt and HG/SS to hack like we do Advance Generation, you should make the tool.

I can't explain things today... Basically, the people who are making tools currently are still focusing on the older generations, as they grew up with that. Your hacking time has come, and you all love HG/SS, so why not pick up where they left off - make tools for it yourself? Why ask for someone else (apart from laziness, because if you were very bone-idle, why hack at all? Making tools could be as fun, if done right), when you can take all the credit, and be remembered for a while?

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