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Originally Posted by SCV View Post
Then there are those of us, who never did any hacking for 3rd gen, and only work on 4th gen. However, on PC there is not enough interest for what is done so far, because everyone is babied with what can be done for 3rd gen. So they look at what we can do in 4th gen and say "Well you can't map yet, so that's useless". Outside of PC there are alot of 4th gen ROM edits. Obviously nowhere near as exhaustive as 3rd gen ROM edits, but they'll get there. I would not be surprised if PC found out way after the fact, though.
Ah, I really should have edited my post... I realise that there are some who didn't do 3rd Gen, after reading the old thread.

I know there are a lot of 4th Gen edits, and PC only seems to edit the Advanced ROMs mainly, and I really want tools for D/P/Pt, but not that badly. If I did want it that badly, I'd learn how to make tools, and then scour all of the ROM, seeing what does what. One of the problems is that most of the hackers who want to hack D/P/Pt have limited knowledge of hacking or modifying at all, and only use tools. That isn't their fault, they know no better (especially the ones on PC). But if they want the tools, they need to realise that they could create them themselves.

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