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Quote originally posted by Crazy Packers Fan:
So now they know for sure it's Cynthia behind everything. A lot of explanations in this chapter, always nice to see.
Phew, and I thought the explanations were a bit too long. ^^
Quote originally posted by Crazy Packers Fan:
When it comes to beta-reading, the only mistake I saw was this one:

I was confused on who was talking there.
That sentence was added last minute (as I had forgotten to self-censor my fic) so yeah, that was bound to be confusing. It's Karen speaking and Sabrina ignoring her slang.
Quote originally posted by Crazy Packers Fan:
Sabrina bowing to Cynthia? I wonder where you got that from. Please make it happen!
*rolls eyes* From Santa Claus. No, of course I got it from you. And nope, it won't be Sabrina bowing to Cynthia. Not happening here.
Quote originally posted by Crazy Packers Fan:
Awesome. That's Cynthia's job, to make Sabrina feel worthless. Isn't it sweet how Sabrina turned from the most powerful trainer in my story to being utterly worthless and weak after Cynthia had her way with her?
*Sweet* isn't exaclty the word I would use. Stupid would be a better one.
You continue with this and I fear what will happen to Cynthia in the sequel.
Quote originally posted by Crazy Packers Fan:
Please post the next chapter as soon as possible, thanks!
Wait a week or so, maybe I can get my beta back in time.
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