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Originally Posted by lilok22 View Post
Hey Everybody! Can't wait for Pokemon Move 13! I've been almost as hyper as i was when Arceus (ARE-KEY-US) and the jewel of life came out and now this. Can't wait! Can't wait! CAN'T WAIT! From what I hear...


This may not be true but from what i hear and think it is NOT even about Ho-Oh and Lugia!
It is just a trick... It is just made to make you think so! It is about the new pokemon, Zoroark that is HOW it got it's NAME! So that meanis it is about THIS GUY, Zoroark!
It's been confirmed the movie has something to do with celebi and the 3 beasts and supposedly Zoroark plays a big role in it too.But the Ho-oh and Lugia might still play a minor role.

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