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Originally Posted by NotoriouzElmo View Post
wooah reallly good thread u have here um can i get the moveset on the shiny evd snorlax , the shiny evd gallade and shiny evd kingdra, i also like the shiny Huntail/Gorebyss
Gallade (Swords Dance, Psycho Cut, Earthquake, Close Combat)
Kingdra (Hydro Pump, Outrage, Dragon Dance, Rain Dance)
Snorlax (Rest, Curse, Ice Punch, Sleep Talk)

Originally Posted by ArmageddonAsh View Post
i have been after a Shiny Umbreon with Yawn for ages, but dont want one thats already trained
what would you like for the other 2?
I like your shiny stanler and darkrai. You can clone the ones im giving you right?

Originally Posted by stavross View Post
i dont have anything else;p
eh I don't really think id like it srry.

Originally Posted by tommyhtc View Post
offering a michina arcus for ev'd salamence
Ummm im not intrested in an arceus right now... you have anything else to offer?

Originally Posted by kebengau View Post
i have shinny shaymin..
wat in return?
What do you want?
My Thread ======>
If I'm not available please leave a PM.
Please PM me about any questions about my offers or requests.
Always Looking for a Ev trainer :].
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