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Originally Posted by Peeky Chew View Post
Sidequest! It's never too early to reveal end of game parts

Part of a late game side quest which you can enter just before the elite four. It includes a certain 4th gen lava 'mon, can you guess which? Eventhough this actually means a legendary apart from the main, yet to be revealed, one will be catchable before the elite four, it'll be extremely hard to catch.

I've updated the support banners on the front page so if you're using them you may want to change it. As well as this, I've also for the 20th time (over exaggeration) changed the front page to make it look nicer. It looks as good as it can now, I think, but any suggestions on improveents are appreciated.

Should I carry on making updates like this or should I prepare larger updates which will take much longer?

Keep the comments coming!

Edit: I animated the logo! The colour's nothing to do with the game, I just thought it looked cool xD
It is obviously Heatran.The lava in the sidequest looks kind of strange, well actually it just does not match the style of the other stuff it seems like. I actually like seeing small updates like this. It kind of reassures me that this game isn't dead. I like the new thread layout, and the animated title looks pretty cool, but you should make it transparent. I will probably grab a support banner, again. Good luck on the game.