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Team name: Team Dragma

Team Leader:
Dragma (me)

Current Members: Dragma

Current Game title: Pokemon Dark Hollow Version

Current progress made:
  • Maps: 5%
  • Storyline: 100%
  • Plot: 3%
  • Sprites: 1%
  • Side plots: 0%
  • Town Map: 0%

Position(s) needed: I only really need two positions: spriter(s) and people who can make a town map for me (won't need until later).

For any interested spriters, I would love to see some examples of your work. If I decide you're qualified enough, you will be allowed to have all the freedom in the world!

Timezone:UTC -5 (US Eastern Standard Time)

Thanks in advance, guys!
Pokemon Dark Hollow Version Thread (click here)

PDH Beta 1 available March 5th!