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so one game I would like to see happen is a game set in the past. where hopefully you would get your choice of starting pokemon from Beldum, dratini, and larvitar. (each of these become a late evolution 3rd stage this 600 total state points.)

i want to make humans an actual part of this game. so you as the protagonist start as a base charachter and then have the choice of 3-5 classes to "evolve"(by giving yourself and evolving item) by giving yourself a lance(dragoon class) sword(palidin) bow(archer) staff(mage) ect. this makes the game a little more self interactive because now you are a player. you can then have your monsters join you and make other characters your slaves(though there would have to be a large advantage to using pokemon i think because they are still the focal point besides you who i would give a stat build that matches a legendary class so you can compete as a normal class unless you made yourself compatible with plates to give yourself a class). your rival would be basicly in the same boat. but i put him with pokemon that directly adverse your pokemons powers ex. you get beldum(psy, steel) would give him trapinch(ground) if you get dratini(dragon) then he gets spheal(ice) and if you get larvitar(rock) then he gets poliwag(water).

you and your best friend have lived in the same town your whole life and suddenly two rivaling mercenary factions/kingdoms raid the village at the same time and decide to take you and your best friend and your respective families as prisoners. each faction/kingdom claims to be the best and so they bet that they can teach a raw recruit the skill and obedience of war first. you and your best friend are now thrown into a world of war as rivals. and if you refuse to do as your faction/kingdom demands they threaten to kill your family. so the two of you are forced to fight eachother. you then start your journey around the eight commanders of the other faction who are spread around the continent waging war. the first one to do has been trained by their faction better. the elite four of this game will be the top four generals of your rival factions. by the time you are done laying waste to the rival faction your bestfriend(rival) has just finished your faction which he tries to tell you but because you are trying to save your family you attack him anyways. after you beat him he explains everything to you. end of game.

as far as poke centers go you should make them inns. and you get to sleep free at the inns because you tell them that if they dont let you rest for free then they will have to answer to [faction name here].
instead of pokeballs you should use mythical gyms(see the lucario movie)or you can just use chains and such and say that your human teamates are slaves.

ps. if possible you could even make it so that instead of making it an option for boy or girl in the beggining you could choose your faction.

please ask any questions.