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Wants to Learn about PKMN Rmxp
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Recruiting Team Members
Team name:Working Title is Ghost Freak Productions
Team Leader:Karel kazuki and well..the next 3 who join up with me
Current Members:N/A
Current Game title pokemon Naval is the working title
Current progress made:Less than 1% and just started
Position(s) needed:everything,from scripting, Mapping, music,spriting all the way down to the advisors and storyline helpers
Preferred Method of contactm me here,email @[email protected], Gaia Online:Karel Kazuki, Naruto Arena KazukiKarel, Youtube KarelKazuki
Additional info: This project is only aprequel to a bigger one.I can only map a little but im a VERY awesome writer,from what i hear,so the storyline will be a tad bit Generic until you actually play it..that is..if it ever happens....Im looking for an awesome group of people to work with me.i COULD ALWAYS use some friends.I have creaed two new regions and I want to make a fakemondex with them to provide some fun.if youre intersted by all means contact me!

EDIT AGAIN: forgot....FAKEMON SPRITER ARTIST!!!!i need one....or two...