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I commented before, but only with a bug. Chibi Robo, you've done excellent work on the sprites.

As for the warp issue, is it fixable? If SPs method worked, true he hacked into your ROM, but only to fix a little mistake. I wouldn't be peeved if his method worked, but a little frustrated that he did it without permission. That bug doesn't always get fixed with your method, and I'm sure that it is annoying. Bu I can see why you are annoyed... Bt if he fixed it, yay. But now he knows how to hack into the ROM... Ah well, just something to aim for Harry - making it impossible to hack by others!

Anyway, Sienna was good to play through, can't wait for the finished product, all that stuff. One thing I do want to see - more of Chibi Robo's sprites!

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