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What is Aquatic Sirens?



Recently Ash has won the Sinnoh League and he decide's decides to settle down in a 3 island region named Triono. He quickly becomes the strongest gym leader in the whole region. You play as a 14 year old boy/girl, Son/daughter of Ash and you live in Rainy Beach.

One day you fall down the stairs to your room and you wake up to see your dad. He starts to ask you questions to make sure you don't have amnesia. When he finds out you don't he reminds you to go see him in his gym. When you go upstairs your mom says bye and hands you a Poképhone for your journey. as you walk to gym you notice that its the 4th day of weird weather, you arrive at the gym you see your sister and your dad standing there. He tells you to treat your Pokémon with love and care as he points to a table which has three pokéballs containing: Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Totodile, and tell you to choose one.

As you are heading to the next town you stop when you see a white and blue pokémon flying over you. Suddenly a unknown man comes running in asking you several questions, you answer them and he tells you about himself, he turns out to be a legendary pokémon photographer.

It's revealed that the odd weather is turns out that the weather has something to do with legendary Pokemon. He then shows you a photo of a black and red blur, he tells you that its a Lugia and tells you how is have been really annoyed the every time he gets close to it for a good photograph, it flies away.

the unknown man then runs away...

Have a Girlfriend (You'll find out about her in the beta)
New gyms
New O/W sprites
Your father is a 4 time champion and gym leader
New Region Triono
New Pokemon
New Evil team - Team Inferno
2 Outfits!
2 Rivals(your sister and your best friend)

Screen Shots


Beta : 1.0
Progress: 50% till release

rainy beach = (75% mapping) (10% scripting)
route 1 = (100% mapping) (25% scripting)
mist ??? town = (75% mapping) (0% scripting)
route 2 = (50% mapping) (0% scripting)
thunderstruck city = (50% mapping) (0% scripting)
route 3 = (80% mapping) (0% scripting)
Sandstone Desert (80% mapping) (0% scripting.)
Murky Path (0% mapping) (0% scripting)
Triono Boat Station (0% mapping) (0%Scripting)

Current Members
Glitch: all around hacker and owner.
Aquadan: Artist Director/Graphic Artist/CSScode (he made this layout)
wertykilla: all around hacker and co-owner.
masterman321: main scripter.
shellhacker: Idea's.
PEPITO1O1O: Beta Tester

foullump for his scripting tutorial on youtube.
Kyledove for his tiles.
PHO for resources.
Zel for making pokemon shiny gold and getting me interested in rom hacking.
874521 for the indoor tiles.

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Owner: Glitch | CSS + Graphics: Aqua Dan | Presented by AQUATIC SIRENS


a upcoming stylish and original hacking team