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Let me introduce myself, I’m Kingjay. I’m a new designer with ambition. And pie
But seriously now, I’m working on a project named Pokemon SilverStorm…
i have decided to take another direction with this game... more like a quest-based game... each quest with an unique plot, lot's of battles, and of course new Pokemon.

You awake on your 15th birthday, you are finally a man/woman in the eyes of the Pokemon trainer union so Prof. Craig gives you a pokemon for rent for until you get your REAL starter... you go to the trainer union to take your entrance exam... to find the Ghast orb in the haunted woods

- Gorna region, new people, new places, and a mysterious trio that are very suspicious:D
-able to catch all 493 current Pokemon + some fake ones.
-National Pokedex at the start.
-All legendary Pokemon(and certain special Pokemon) Have there own stories
-Many more (maybe:D)



Gorna Region: ???%
Pokemon: ???%
Planned: 2/???
Scripted: 1/???

My Team

Flameguru and Poccils - Starter Kit
Karel_Kazuki - for helping me with the map
I haven’t been working on this for that long (a week or two) so any help would be awesome.

Help Wanted

1. Spriter
2-3 Open
2. OverWorld Editor
1 Open
3. TileSet Artist
1 Open
4. Scripter
Any Amount


Beta 1

I love the whole world,
and every single thing,
Boom de ada
Boom de ada

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