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5/10 it looks to similar to littleroot, unless it is littleroot town.

The trees are good, the town needs a footpath, dirt or concrete would do.
i would move the flowers from the middle, because its right in the middle of the town,
so people would be walking all over them, especially with no footpath,
I would move them a little south east.
and put a sign near it, saying the town name, or something.

adjust the mountain/hill where the building stands on, and add some boulders to mix it up, that should make it look good.


Heres some of mine, It uses second generation graphics for a reason, its ment to have a retro feel, It's made with RPGmaker 2003. the transparent [e]'s mean Event, like trainer, item ball, cutting tree, teleport etc.

Academy Garden. Sort of a garden/park, squirtles run wild, The academy that the garden belongs to is to the south, a route is to the north.

Brevis town (misspelled on the pic, brevis means small is latin)
Just a junction town, north is situs mountain, south is route 2, east is Arbor Forest (arbor means wood in latin :P)

EDIT: heres an alternative version. The 2x2 rocks have their proper floor terrain, which one do you think is better, I like the "Fauly" version for some reason.
alternative version.

Route 2. nothing special. north is brevis town.

Version 0.753 is out
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