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Originally Posted by raekuul
And I prefer Pidgeot over Fearow for the same reason I take the Snake over the Spur when playing Cave Story - Familiarity with the line, and a good experience in the past.
I wonder how many people are going to get this one. Although you win for referencing Cave Story.

But I think that the Spur totally beats the Snake. I mean, it shoots a freaking laser. Besides, you can use it to totally get rid of the "All your weapons dropped to Level 1!" thing that happens in the Sacred Grounds and the Last Cave.


Fire Monotype Challenge: Part 61 - Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid of a Bomb!

Trainer Name: Seb
Badges: 5
Generation: IV (on Platinum)
Location: Solaceon Town

  • I truly apologize for the title. I think I've already referenced that movie enough in this playthough. Anyway, we meet up with a British Galactic Grunt who apparently set off a bomb. Well, that's just peachy. Also, props to Cynthia for stopping me from catching that grunt.
  • Went through the marshy route east of Pastoria. Spent ages looking for a Bibarel for HM usage before realized that there aren't any on this route in Platinum.
  • Took that weird challenge with the Five Maids. I had to beat them in 5 turns, so that means OHKOs across the board. The damn 4th one screwed me over by using Endure. MRRGH. CHEATER.
  • Gave the SecretPotion for the Psyduck. I'm not sure why they were blocking the path, but... oh well.

Rafiki (Level 40)
- Flame Wheel
- Close Combat
- Mach Punch
- Scratch

Agro (Level 41)
- Flame Wheel
- Return
- Stomp
- Ember

Dante (Level 41)
- Fire Fang
- Thunder Fang
- Faint Attack
- Bite


I figured that I should give an explanation for my nicknames if you're interested in knowing them, because I swear they're not random. In this case, they're actually all references.

Rafiki's name is from that crazy mandrill in The Lion King, if any of you remember that Disney movie. The name "Rafiki" is also a Swahili name meaning "friend," which is also quite fitting, in my opinion.

Agro is from a Playstation 2 game called Shadow of the Colossus. The main character named Wander has a horse named Agro, and she plays a relatively big role in the game, I suppose. It's a pretty good game, in my opinion.

Dante's name is taken from the main character in the Devil May Cry game series. If I remember correctly, that name is actually taken from Dante Alighieri who wrote the Divine Comedy. I also find the name fitting for a Houndoom, since Dante from the game series is a half-demon, and the Divine Comedy is about the afterlife (one part specifically being about hell), so they all kind of go back to Houndoom's design being based off of Cerberus and being a guard of the underworld/Hell/etc.

So, yeah. That's what goes on in my crazy head.