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Originally Posted by Charmageddon View Post
I've just started Sapphire. I chose Torchic (obviously) and named it Cranberry, then made my way to Petalburg to catch a Shroomish, which I haven't thought of a good name for yet. Any suggestions?

Wow, you beat red with a 39 and a 40? And you call the level 79 your LVP?

Oh, and it must be named Shroob, Puffstool, or Daytripper. Shroob is from Mario and Luigi 2, Puffstool is from Pikmin, and Daytripper is from Misty's Emerald (Er, I mean Redchocobo) file of coolness that resulted in a screenshot LP and is the inspiration for my current LPing.

Completed: Red, Silver, and Emerald. Platinum eventually... Well, keeping this around because SOMEONE needs to.