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Awhile back I mentioned that I'd be doing video critique, well I've finished the pilot episode. I take a sprite by an anonymous person and alter it. Being a pilot, I've yet to quite get it all right. As you'll see, I end up running out of time and have to use a fast forwarding method. I wanted to get everything in 10 minutes, but I have a nasty habit of taking too long to explain some stuff. Depending on what people think, I'll either make future episodes shorter, or keep them being longer. Since it is for the sake of critique, I may leave that to the original artists of the sprites I use.

Speaking of that, anyone is free to ask me to part of this. As explained in the video, just send me a private message. I'll only do something I want to do, or stuff I feel I can teach off of possibly. Of course be ready for me to possibly mock it in some way, but choosing to be anonymous is optional. The mocking will be of course merely for comedic value, and not serious. The overall purpose of this is to teach. If you're hard pressed to figure out how to improve, I think this will be able to help you.

Link to the first part of the pilot episode:
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