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Here is an idea I had. If I ever get around to actually learning to hack, I might try to make this myself A lot of people are already including Mewtwo, but whatever.

The first one I thought of is a game where you play as Mewtwo and follow (loosely) the storyline of the first Pokemon Movie. Not being a hacker, I wouldn't know if it is possible to change the protaganist's sprites or other technical issues with Mewtwo, but I'll keep going anyways. You are first confronted by scientists attempting to contain you on New Islandc, but once you eventually battle your way out, you meet Giovanni, who introduces you to the Pokemon world.

Giovanni convinces you to come to his gym in the idea of growing more powerful. You wouldn't get badges from other gyms; rather, Giovanni would supply something similar to badges for defeating key trainers that come to his gym, with Gary being the final trainer.

During this time, you were permitted to collect your own Pokemon. In between trainers, Giovanni would also enlist your aid in various missions for Team Rocket, such as the counquering of Saffron and a monopoly scheme of Celadon.

Eventually, you realize Giovanni has been using you the whole time, and so you abandon him. He tries to contain you, but you are obviously superior. You return to your home of New Island and begin to lure trainers here. Eventually, you get numerous, high-leveled trainers, including the "Elite Four" of this game: Corey, Neesha, Ash and Mew (who will use a team of its own off the island). After you defeat them all, you claim your title as the most powerful Pokemon in the world, and the game ends.

For the actual ending of the movie, defeat the Elite Four again. Then you can have a change of heart, realize humans can be good too, etc.