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Quote originally posted by ☆Konata☆:
I'd like to start off saying I am a
big fan of Calis Projects, you guys make the most pro looking games ever!
Okay, so I love the screenshots =D
I really have nothing else to say =/
Ha thanks . Keep an eye on us, even if you don't hear much of us, it doesn't mean the team's not hard at work lol.

Thanks for the Compliment btw.

Quote originally posted by Chaos Uxie:
Wow Bro the graphics are totally awesome and there is 3D effects too wohoooooo goooood job and u should definatly keep the side screen and could ya add some more exciting features such as pokemon following u around XD and ummm are u still working on DIGIMON WORLD ALPHA????????
Pokemon Following you huh? I think I'll do that. I kinda like that feature anyway and thank you. Yes, Alpha's still going to be worked on. I promised it wouldn't die and I plan on sticking to that word.

Quote originally posted by PatJamma:
so im going to guess that the side screen is click controlled? oh and the hero's battle sprite (the one before he throws a pokeball) looks a little bad around the eye.
Yes It is indeed. lol Don't worry man I plan on making a full custom pose once I've found the time, thank you very much though.

Quote originally posted by Amore:
Can I just say, your tiles are pretty impressive.

I particularly like the ones with the water (Lanturn glowing in the dark, ftw!).Most of yours look like Hg/Ss, but those, they are definitely better than anything Gamefreak has thrown at us so far.

However, it might just be me, but that weird yellowey background colour on the titlescreen is a bit...eww.Maybe black it out and have just the Eye (And possible jewel) showing?
Ah thank you. Some are from HG/SS but a lot are customs from Alucus, Dew, Kymotonian (Kyledove), and myself. Oh and don't worry, the screen doesn't stay a permanent yellow, It's a lightning effect. I'll make a video one day to show it off, Thank you.

Quote originally posted by mercurysky:
That's not a lot to say. You DID epithomize the transparent water style, also by adding a personal touch and a truly realistic effect. Maybe the water reflection is quite distant from the Ow, but you could certainly manage to manage that. The water is so... alive and "happy" (i guess XD). It remembers the final situation of Miyazaki's "Ponyo on the cliff by the sea" with all the creatures swimming and the wonderful waters.
Ah thanks a lot man, I'm glad you approve lol. Yes I agree the reflection is quite distant. I'll fix that when I get the chance. Is Ponyo a Good movie? I was thinking about watching it Ha ha.

*To note once more, I won't be doing much work on Carbon, nor Alpha at the moment since I'm trying to make sure my grades stay appropriate, but once Spring break starts up, which is in the next week I think, I'll continue work on CP projects, Carbon and possibly Alpha. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.*