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Originally Posted by mercurysky View Post
Oh, good night, good morning, good afternoon and good evening to everyone here (so many places, so many hours, i guess)!
I have been quite absent those days 'cause of the school and the friends, and the exams and the music and the... ok, i should stop that.
I have to thank sincerely everyone and... oh Dewitty, i'm so sorry. I'm way too inattentive. I always forget something.

I would like also to introduce you a person who is working with us for quite long by now: our official scripter: Help-14, creator of Pokémon Special Adventure. He is working hard to add to Garnet the best and most original scripts: a new touch screen will be included as well as a new HG/SS styled pokédex. Minigames will figure soon and a lot of new improvement will be made, also to make the team work lighter.
I really want to bring you something new asap, maybe something different than environments and light effects. XD

Thanks again to everyone. Ah, i was about to forget. Garnet is not an hacked ROM, is a "scratch" game. "

Dewitty forgive me ;_;
Hahaha, doesn't matter, Im looking forward to the rest of the game.