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Originally Posted by HackMew View Post
Nope, it doesn't. It does support Pokérus as status, for compatibility. But you won't be able to infect other Pokémon and the virus will never wear off either.
You can't even get the Pokérus unless you trade/cheat. At least, that's what I read on Bulbapedia.

Are you sure on the Battle Tower? Mind checking again, just in case?
Also, for colored dialogue I meant, like The Master said, the automatic, gender-based coloring.
If you look at the original games, you'll see R/S/E messages are plain black.
I can see why there's no support for Pokerus: No RTC. It wears off at midnight, but there isn't a RTC.

I grabbed my LeafGreen (same as Firered...) Yup. At the battle tower, there are 4 modes:

On double, the trainers will face you- 2-on-2 matches (Double battles) until you complete the challenge or loose. Also, right before Pattern Bush, there are twins Miu and Mia that both send out Pikachu.

OK. I guess I was wrong for text coloring in R/S. I beat Ruby ages ago (360+ hours...) so I kinda forgot...
And sorry for a month-long response...

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