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Thanks, guys. Have been spriting for nearly 4 years now. So, it's taken me a long while to where I'm at. =P Before that, I've been drawing since I was like 5 or so. XD

Anyways, added Miltank (my fav Poke atm) to the bottom of the first post. Showing off his regular, shiny, Deoxy's infected, and Shadow colors. =P

Quote originally posted by Daeva Okami-Luca:

Can I praise your talent now or later?

May I borrow the Tyranitar If i give credit?
Um.. Can praise me now. XD You know you can use it already. =P

Quote originally posted by Went:
.Batzarro. and KajiVenator, if you want to talk about retributions and other things unrelated to the sprites you are showing, please do it in PM's D: It's kinda offtopic.

Ah, sorry about that. Will keep that type of stuff off this thread.

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