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The thing I always hated was Mankey's backsprites. Every Kanto game I play, I chose Charmander and then caught Mankey to beat Brock.

This does not look good.
"It's fun to stay at the... Y! M-C-A!"
This looks even worse:
I'm sorry. Are those antennae? Tentacles? Whatever they are, they're lanky and misshaped. o.0

And then we skip ahead to FR/LG (the next place I caught Mankey early on)
"It's fun to stay at the... Y! M-C-A!"
And the backsprite:
Now THAT looks like a Mankey!

In all, my favourite Mankey sprite is Gold's:

Oh yeah. He looks like a fighting type. Just look at that Low Kick in action. :D

And while I'm on R/B playthough,

Wow. His beady little eyes are... burning into my soul...

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