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I found a temp. way of doing it. I went to A-Map general INI. It said AnzMapNamen=109 in BPR. My german isn't very good but I think that means number of map names. I changed it to 110 to test it. Once I open a FR Rom it showed a error. It said '$3F1E60 isn't a valid pointer!' I went to Hex WS and went to that address. It's right after the names table. I thought I could try it out, so I inputed a free offset and wrote text in that same offset. It went all good, I have the new name. The problems are:

In A-Map's World Map Editor, the value C5, which was before to the Empty/Don't display now belongs to the new name.

You can't choose Empty/Don't Display.

If you make a map with the newly created name and put its name to appear when you enter, the name box will be blank.
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