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Here I am again making Fakemon that aren't my own. I need to learn to work on my own things once and awhile =P

The first one has two sizes because I wasn't sure which I liked better. Probably an inbetween would be best, but I think those two work fine. I can claim one is 3rd gen and the other is 4th gen =P

Based on the designs of Nikkiboy029:

Now as some of you know I don't take requests. However this guy was awesome enough to make this for me:
so I couldn't help but offer up a gift for him in return. I may do the 3rd evolution of his grass starter line if I get the time. I may even upload the video of me making the 2nd form eventually too.

Seriously though. When I first stumbled onto the thread with my little Blitzby all drawn up I was freaking. I never before have received free art like this, so randomly. Every other time I've either art traded or it was between friends. This is in a way like fan art, and that just flattered me beyond belief. So as a spriter, I feel I've in some way have crossed a milestone. I have now had something I made been so well liked someone wanted to draw it themselves.
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