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wow, i just finished beating the hack (as the female character), and honestly, this is one of my favourite hacks ive played. a great story, a nice mix of pokemon to catch and train, and a good challenge too! i wish the release date wasnt so far off, but i will be waiting in anticipation for it!

- Great & Original Story
- Good Challenging Level range
- Nice mix of wild and available pokemon
- you left the some of the original scripts in the game, giving even more replay value

-Why'd it have to end already!?


Although at the end... i somehow have a feeling that those cybernetic implants may have saved her(or him) at the end, so the story seems even more interesting now.

Good Bye Nintendo WiFi, you were fun. (my codes won't work anymore, so.... ya, hit me up on 3DS if you want dem trades.)
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