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Originally Posted by Christos View Post
Maybe that's because you're... slow?

They're only trying to help, you shouldn't tell them to post screenshots when it could be the same as writing about the problem. just because you don't understand. It's not your hack anyway.
yes,you are right...
this isn't his hack...but Sarcastic Prince give me a huge help with all people with problem to play on my hack.
so...maybe he had wrong...but, in my opinion, the use of screenshots it's a better help to undastand the problems.

Originally Posted by Sunman710 View Post
I found some glitches. If you go to through the N.region route 5 and get to the entrance to Arnica forest where it is blocked, you can walk into some of the wooden barriers. Also if you open the menu and look at your bag or pokemon while in the scarlet town gym it lets you take control of the green person and you can go back in the mine. Also, if you do the same thing at the entrance to route 601 it messes up the game. Also, you can skip going through the mine by just going into the gym. This also leaves the hole to the mine open and if you go in it it traps you in a ledge of the cliff and you can't get out.

I also have a question. When i try to fly back to little town on brenda's Salamance it just takes me to the Scarlet town pokecenter. Does anyone know how to fix this?
well friend..
thanks for yours segnalations
about your question...I'm sorry, but I haven't play on the english version..but maybe the problem it's in the warp of the script of salamance.
but however you can fix it with the right coordinates of little town

well people....I know that for a long time I don't post news to the hack...but I'm too busy with my life.
So, to prevent the death of this project, I've ask help to my great friend R!cci (Skoria)...some people know him as the creator of pokemon Never BW.
Together we have take the decision to link the own project in a single hack.
so...pokemon crono and pokemon never BW are a single hack!!
this is the link of the new thread

I'll ask to the moderator to don't close this thread..becouse could be a huge help for the gameplay of the fun of this hack.