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Originally Posted by aкισ View Post
Excuse me, but HOLY **** .

You are completely and utterly, legit.. like, an idol .

Do you have an deviant art account?
Wow, thank you! ^^ My stuff is far from perfect, but I'm glad you like it! And yeah, I do have a deviantART account, my name is Delthero on there.

Originally Posted by enzo51 View Post
these are awesome. I love everything!!! Now let us worship the great StarryLatiasGirl!!! hahaha
Thanks! ^^ But please, no worshipping xD


Anyway, here's the final member (and Starter Pokémon) of my HeartGold team, my female Typhlosion, Topaz. She doesn't have a hold item, but she has Charcoal designs embedded into her fur that raise her Fire-type moves' power.

Wow, this was so much fun to do. I've never really trained a Typhlosion before now, but I love them to death <3 Although, I really like all of the Johto starters.

Anyway, enjoy! I'll be posting some more stuff later on today.