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Quote originally posted by Lockmaster24:
Fatigue is a smarter idea than PP but maybe some moves can restore Fatigue like Recover and restore a little or even a new move

Good idea there. Moves like Recover, Rest, etc.

Quote originally posted by jrookie:
Can I ask for 8? if not 6. 6 (at least) Would be better since I have a few kinda strong movset in mind that can perform good combos

Sorry man, I'll be sticking to 4 now.

Quote originally posted by PatJamma:
what starters will there be in this game?
Quote originally posted by Lockmaster24:
like it says on the first page

Sorry, my bad, I forgot to change the first page. Since I've added the 'Choose Hometown' feature, there's many different starter Pokemon you can have - Roughly about a different 5 per hometown. (though you'll have to find out what they are for yourself)


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