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Anyway, since nobody's commented, here's another thing I doodled that I really like.

(to see the stained-glass without all the effects, click here- )

The outlines for the Pokémon in the stained glass were drawn in a program called Scribblertwo, and everything else was done in Photoshop. c:

So yeah, this is an altar for the Johto Legends and their trios- Lugia and the 3 Kanto Birds, Ho-Oh and the 3 Johto Beasts, and Celebi. c: Above the Birds is Lugia's Silver Wing, and above the Beasts is Ho-Oh's Rainbow Wing. And there's a random guy in the front because I felt like adding a random guy. =P

The Pokémons' anatomy isn't perfect on purpose, btw- I wanted to kinda give it an abstract/spiritual feel, like stained glass sometimes has. I dunno. XD