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Originally Posted by G4briel
No way! That is why its called "Pure Gold", or else it would have a totally diferent name...
Lol, its such a pun XD

Originally Posted by sir.euge
This thread is about pure gold so go away. anyways i like how you made the mobile system zodiac. are we going to be able to call the trainers? rematches? sorry for asking too much
Well, 1st I gotta make a working system - the "calling you" part is important. As for calling them, its easier - see zel had it in just a script :p

Originally Posted by EBAiscool
Woah! Are you SURE this is a Ruby hack?! The graphics are too Firered like. Also, the titlescreen is AMAZING.

Good luck on this, I'll be sure to play it once a beta comes out.
Thank you!
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