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Sorry to repeat my post, but there is a few things I need to add to my wish list:
-Animated DPPt water autotile
-Rock Climb tiles (in front, left, right and back if possible)(DPPt or HGSS, whatever works)
-Moving DPPt door character sets. (i.e. to replace the frlg ones in the starter kit)
-A collection of animation sets to make the battle move animations with. (DS ones would be preferred)
All credit will be made where it is due.

Secondly a quick question - when it says BADGEFORDIVE can that be changed to BADGEFORDIG and have dig replace dive as an HM? It would take some scripting I'm sure so any help is appreciated.

Also, following playing Pokemon ranger I have been throwing an idea around and I - being a noob scripter - was wondering if it was possible: Can it be made that HMs, rather than being a physical item, are rather an ability that is permanently unlocked by a person, allowed by a badge and usable by any Pokemon who could learn the move at any time?

i.e. I beat a gym that allows SURF. An aide tells me that the professor wants me, and that the easiest way to get back is by surfing across a river, so he teaches me how to surf. From now on, provided I have a Pokemon with me that previously would have been taught the SURF HM - say Blastoise - I can now surf whenever i like. However if I was to put Blastoise into the box and my party now consisted of Pidgey and Oddish I could no longer surf until I had a Pokemon who was able.

It would remove the need for HM slaves and also free up move slots for a team. The HMs themselves could be rendered as regular moves, and the new 'abilities' could be listed in a sub window of the trainer card or something.
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