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Quote originally posted by Ben.:
Looks great, HackMew.
I will be using this, thanks a bunch!
You're welcome.

Quote originally posted by xGGxToiZ:
Alright! The routine worked!
Thank you, again!

My, you are the best hacker I've ever seen. (And good with ASM too ^^)

~ ^^
Thanks :)

Quote originally posted by altariaking:
looks good. it didn't work for me but then i can only apply asm and then never be able to use it lol. i tried to take away treeko with
setvar 0x8004 0x115
...i know, my scripting is bad...
No, the routine doesn't work like that; the setvar 0x8004 needs the value of the actual slot of your Pokémon party. The first one would be setvar 0x8004 0x0 and so on.

Quote originally posted by NarutoActor:
pretty sure that the var should be set to the slot of the pokemon you want to take away(1-6) not the actual species.
Almost right. The first slot is 0x0, just like the select Pokémon special(s). I did that for compatibility, indeed.
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