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Okay, I'm going to have to step down as a tutor as I just wont have the time this school term so I'll be taking my name off the list.
Another addition I want to add is that the students will have to contact the tutors to ask them whether or not they are available for tuition so they should check out the list of tutors. Or the tutors can offer to take on a student who has applied.
All the above students have been accepted and will be added to the list asap.
Tuition will resume as normal but without me though I am available to help with CSS just not teach it.

As for rotating text, it's a little difficult but I shall show you a code and let you figure it out.

Taking time off from being a Super Moderator on this forum.
I may be back in due course, until then I will be inactive.
Now you're aware.

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