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Amore's quest!

-On your quest, you will meet another character, who takes on a role similar to that of Eusine in Hg/Ss. Ricco and his team of Pokémon, including Draco the Dragonite
-Ricco is the brother of the main protagonist out of D/P/Pt, Diamond, who will turn up at one point. He is searching for Rayquaza, and it involves his father....
-Along with Rayquaza, he will help/hinder you in meeting a few other legends, namely Jirachi, Celebi and Phione. These will not all be catchable.
-Also, you may meet these:

That's all that Amore wanted to reveal, you'll have to wait 'till the game is finished to find out the rest.

Anyone noticed the complete lack of custom sprites, apart from the main characters? Well, that's because I can't sprite, at all and our spriter left after doing that. So if anyone would like to sprite for XENOTIME, we would really appreciate your help. Overworlds are really needed and battle sprites too. VM/PM or just post if you can help.

I was having a look at Pokémon Jade version and noticed their great support banners. I've tried to replicate it with one of the custom buildings:

Tell me what you think of it compared to the others. If I get some positive feedback, I'll make another two.


@KingCharizard: Thanks. The only changed building is the gym, which didn't really match the style of the game in my opinion.

@thelaytonmobile: Thank you, me too.
Yeah, I'm trying to make the map more like the original games. So far I've only changed one part, but more will be.
pikarich answers.
Didn't you already say that in your post? Or did you mean the route/town maps?

@countryemo: Too bad, sometimes PC is really annoying on mobiles.
Thanks, thanks and thanks again. We will!

@pikarich: Ashflow village wins? Great name.

@BR25: Thank you.

@ayevedayev: Thanks.
Most of them are public, if you search you can find them. Although I've edited them all, so don't steal!

@KingCharizard: Don't worry, you don't sound rude, what you're saying is kind of true. The first one wasn't because 'we have no ideas', it was because I wanted to get a different side quest than me or pikarich could think of. It ended up great, Amore really is great at it and is side quest, the best. The second was because we couldn't think of a good name, although maybe we should have tried harder though and not made it a competition... The third I never aggreed to doing and still don't think we should have to be honest. Although the name is good.

Yes, you have been supporting, I appreciate it. Since you have been, you get a longer term view on the game than others, so it's good for you to tell us what we're doing wrong. Thanks for posting.


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