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Quote originally posted by Pandemonioum:
Okey, you asked for it so here comes a mass load of them!
Rubs hands in glee. Bring it on! :D

Quote originally posted by Pandemonioum:
1: There will be a lot of different methods of evolving pokemons, stones, trading, different moves and level and such thing. How are you going to work on this aspect, trading pokemons with other trainers? Will there be a poll where randomly some NpC:s demand a trade with a pokemon they want to trade for something? Need to get the Machamp somehow!
In this game, there won't be much straight Pokemon trading, except at a weekly Trader's Market in one of the bigger cities. There'll be others who may offer to trade throughout your journey, but you could never be sure about the quality of the Pokemon you'd be getting. Apart from that, there's always the Pokemon Trade Market, where you can buy and sell Pokemon rather than trading directly. Also, Pokemon won't be evolving after trades, and the only one that will evolve from the stones is Eevee (apart from some special circumstances).

Quote originally posted by Pandemonioum:
2: Will there be a Trick Master in the game, and if there is will he give you the Trick Room TM?
Yes, there will be a Trick House. The prize will be something different though.

Quote originally posted by Pandemonioum:
3: You tell us in the first page that there will be no traditional Elite Four only a tournament like in the anime. I was wondering if there would be a tournament and the winner or the tournament would get the priviledge to challenge Elite Four?
Nah, there won't be any Elite Four - but as the champion of the tournament, you will have to constantly defend your title, and may be called upon to do special tasks (such as making a appearance at a grand opening of a new department store, or to explore new places and tame untameable Pokemon.

Quote originally posted by Pandemonioum:
4: Is it possibe to become a leader of your own gym, and get calls for gym fight to protect your own gymbadge! (Post-game!) Name would be: OOTC-gym (Out-of-the-City).
As of now, there are no plans for the player to get their own gym - although depending on how things go, it may be something I consider later on in development. However, if you befriend a certain Gym Leader, a minor storyline will become available where you take over that Leader's Gym for a small amount of time.

Quote originally posted by Pandemonioum:
5: Will you be developing better badges, those don't look too shiny to me. Well it is my own option but you could probably use more imagination to them.
Ah, those badges. Yes, they will be completely different. At the moment, this game is moving along quite quickly and I sometimes forget to move screenshots from the 'New' section to the 'Out-dated' section.

Quote originally posted by Pandemonioum:
6: Exactly how many rivals you get, I love rival and gym battles. So I think character should get more than a 1 Rival, other could have little less importance.
Through your journey, you'll meet many different people - some will become friends, some will become enemies - but you can usually count on both to provide you with intense battles with lots of rivalry. How many depends on you, and how you play the game.

Quote originally posted by Pandemonioum:
7: When you go to Elite Four tournament and win, will the badges be taken from you and you need to get them again? If so, it is awesome!
No, I think a lot of people would kill me if they had to go out and get all the badges again.

Quote originally posted by Pandemonioum:
8: How well can you accually input strategies to trainers? Can you make them do some moves or use some special attack at different spots? *Trying to get some ideas what is coming xD*
I'm trying my best to make the AI as smart and strategic as possible, and so far things are going well. The battles are definately challenging me so far, but I never was the best player, so I won't really know until I get people to beta test (which won't be for a while yet). I've included an option for the Player to change the difficulty though.

Quote originally posted by Pandemonioum:
9: Will you have double battles in this? Accually I would like the idea if some trainers would ask do you wanna normal or double battle. It would be another unique feature to the game. :D
Sorry, but there won't be any double-battles in the game.

Quote originally posted by Pandemonioum:
10: You said that you are gonna include 151 first original pokemon + some secret special pokemons. I would love if you could include at least first 2 generations and all the evolutions they have in the other generations. I love first and second generation most. Or if you can't or don't want to include second generation I will be sad because I can't get my Yanma and Heracross.
Oh darn it, another thing I've forgotten. I have a thread on a few different forums and sometimes I post things in one, and forget to in others. I've recently decided to include the 2nd Gen Pokemon too. But that's definately the limit. No 3rd or 4th Gen.

Quote originally posted by Pandemonioum:
11: Will you include 1 Shiny Pokemon event? Like there was a Red Gyarados in 2nd gen?
There may be one or two

Quote originally posted by Pandemonioum:
12: And the most important of all, I want cameo xD!
Sure lol. Probably won't be for a while, but I will be asking people to be trainers in-game

Quote originally posted by Pandemonioum:
And lastly, I am from Finland and I chuckled to the names of the towns that you can start in. They have lots of resemblances in finnish language.

Tuli = Fire in finnish and Vero = Tax in finland Firetax Town!

Ranikko Town, if it would be Rannikko Town it would mean Shore Town in finnish xD, Rannikko means Shore in Finnish :D

And also Metsaro town, if Metsa would be spelled Metsä it would mean forest in finland. also Tukimus Town, Tuki means support in finnish xD.
I'm so glad that someone noticed . I always love my in-game locations to have meaning and stuff, so whenever I want to think of a name, I just open a translator, pick a random language and type in some relevant words. The Rannikko and Metsä meanings are pretty much dead on. Tulivero - I'm sure that meant volcano, or fire-mountain in some language. And Tukimus I think had meant crowded or something similar - but I like the 'support' translation better

Hope your questions were answered well enough. Thanks.

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